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 Aída Navajas is a theater and film actress, architect, set designer and curator born in Tucumán, Argentina. His practice is marked by the cross between living arts, architecture and visual arts.


In her artistic production, she highlights the interdisciplinary work she has been developing since 2009 as an interpreter in plays, musical theater and cinema, with her performance as art director and set designer for audiovisual and scenic productions.


She has also worked as a graphic designer, editor and curator at festivals and exhibitions in Argentina, Spain and France. She was an artistic advisor to ADIÓS MATEPAC (essay on the memory or farewell) of Tiziano Cruz, winning work to participate in the Biennial of Young Art 2019 of the city of Buenos Aires.


She´s  curator of EXP.20, the International Festival of Experimental Photography in Barcelona.


In February 2018 she was an artist in residence at the International Meeting of Young Creators organized by the Casarrodante and IBERESCENA Residences program in Montevideo, Uruguay.


As a designer, she created graphic pieces for works and festivals of performing arts, images of musical records and exhibitions of visual arts. In 2018, she was responsible for the design of the 34th Tucumán Provincial Theater Festival organized by the National Theater Institute, Argentina.


He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the National University of Tucumán. He is finishing his postgraduate studies in the Master in Theater - Scenic Design Mention - at the Faculty of Arts of the National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires.


During the year 2019 he trained with different teachers within the Master in Scenography - lighting mention - at the National Superior School of Architecture of Nantes, France.


He trained with different teachers in contemporary theater and dance in Argentina and abroad, among which Beatriz Lábatte, Cesar Romero, Sebastián Fernández, Pablo Rotemberg, Maricel Alvarez, Pepe Cibrian, Ricky Pashkus, Philippe Lacroix, Vida Midgelow, Yves Godin, Christophe Forey, Christine Richier, among others.


His professional search is guided in the shifting of the limits within the artistic practices, he is seduced by the hybrid, the liminal, which does not find a concrete definition to catalog.